White Hat SEO VS Black Hat


White Hat SEO VS Black Hat

white hat SEO

In the world of Organic Search Engine Optimization, there is only one type of SEO, and that is “White Hat”. White Hat SEO is completely organic and will always harness the best results for your work performed. Anytime you hear of “Black Hat SEO”, never consider it organic. The reasoning behind this theory is that “Black hat is never long term” therefore it can NOT be organic. Black hat SEO may get you some temporary results, but once the search engine catch on to those implements, they will drop you out of the results like a rock.

Think of white hat SEO as training naturally, and performing the necessary hard work to get the destined long term results. Black hat being a synthetic way of destroying your campaign over time. Just like body builders who do steroids, that is a black hat way of achieving results, thus cheating the hardworking body builders that are getting results through proper dieting and hard work in the gym. Once the search engines find out what you’re SEO performances are, they will reward OR penalize you accordingly. In short, make sure all of your SEO is “White Hat”, then you will never have to worry about a penalty, only how to continue moving up in the rankings.

White Hat Techniques for Long Term Results

  • Develop Unique and Useful Content for your Niche industry.
  • Provide Your Website Users With Quality Images & Videos.
  • Add Relevant and Informative Meta Tag Information.
  • Increase Your Website Performance & Speed Results.

Black Hat Techniques for BAD/NO SEO Results

  • Keyword Stuffing (Using the same keyword in your website over & over)
  • Cloaking (Presenting different content to the search engine spider that the human user)
  • Hidden Text (Using CSS files to hide information to users, but accessible to spiders, similar to cloak)
  • PAID LINKS (Paying for Websites to provide you an anchor text link from their site to yours.)

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