The Method of Obtaining High Ranking’s


The Method of Obtaining High Ranking’s

Organic Search Engine Optimization (Organic SEO) is the method in solving search algorithms by using strategic procedures (Plans of Action), for gaining high rankings in the organic portion of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing. Organic SEO results are non-paid and provide a high volume of search engine traffic. The type of traffic gained by Organic SEO is dependent on how relevant & targeted your SEO is performed.

Any search engine optimizer can rank for any particular keyword, but the question is; are the keywords you are ranking for, helping your overall return on investment (ROI)? Organic SEO can be the heart and soul of your business new lead generation. Statistics state that Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average (Internet Stats Live). These statistics translate to over 3.5 billion searches every day and 1.2 plus trillion search per year.


As you can see stated in the graph above, the Google search per year has increased on a large scale, according to live internet stats. Making Organic SEO one of the best ways to rank your business on line; thus gaining new business from potential clientele search for your products & services. Organic SEO is an extremely great way of marketing a business service and product online. You will find that good Organic Search Engine Rankings drive relevant traffic to your business website, and provide a stout platform in gaining new business. Remember Organic SEO is only valuable if it is relevant, targeted and “White Hat” meaning long term.

How Does Organic SEO Help Your Business?

Organic SEO can help your business in more than one way. Let’s analyze some of the opportunities you can harness when performing professional “White Hat” SEO procedures.

1. Business Branding for Relevance & Targeted Advertising.

Your Business can have a target audience, and branding in niche industries. Targeted Organic SEO will drive a relevant audience to your business and over time help your brand showcase, by constantly reveling it, to those looking for your designated business services OR products.

2. Local Brick & Mortar Location Search Results.

When a potential customer is searching for you designated services, why not show them the results they are looking for. By performing SEO in the Organic Search Engine Rank Page, you will ultimately be posting your service directly in front of those who need it! When Search Engine Users type a keyword into the search box, they expect to see quality search results. Organic SEO will place your brick & mortar business location directly in front of those users, with relevant precision.

3. Develop Long Term Lead Generation for New Clientele.

Why not constantly grow your business online? Organic SEO is a great way to perform search engine marketing for long term results. By keeping ahead of your competition and using a forward thinking business model. You will continuously be developing new business niche networks; thus driving new customers into your business OR product on a regular basis. Learn to grow your business on a regular basis with “White Hat” Organic SEO.

Google Page Result Average Traffic Gained
#1 32.6%
#2 17.7%
#3 12.3%
#4 8.5%
#5 6.3%
#6 3.9%
Just Gets Worse – Rank On Page One! Traffic Beyond % Is of NO Relevance

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