Introduction to MR SEO, INC


Introduction to MR SEO, INC

Mission Statement: To provide clients & websites with the most effective search engine marketing
techniques, utilizing all major search engines and provided markets to build targeted website traffic .
The Goal at MR SEO, is to meet the needs of clients by using a wide variety of marketing techniques to
establish a strong internet presence.

Objectives: To increase your search engine rankings and overall web presence, thus increasing the
number of people visiting your website and ultimately establishing new customers for your company.
Overview of Marketing Services:

1) Monitor and maintain SERP’s (i.e. Search Engine Results Page)
2) Benchmark current website presence in the search engines.
3) Ongoing data mining, keyword research and analysis.
4) Competitive analysis for targeted keywords.
5) Complete overview and ongoing analysis of HTML and page design/structure.
6) Ongoing Manual submission of website and appropriate pages to major search engines.
7) Launch multiple/ongoing high authority link building, and internet resource campaigns.
8) Provide content placement, article syndication, content (LSI) and consulting.
9) Create a link Promotion campaign and more.

SEO/SEM/LSO, PPC marketing
Data Mining/Google Analytic research
High Authority Link Building
Copywriter, Content submission
Onsite Optimization, Social Networking/Social Media Marketing

The most parent benefit in SEO is traffic. If you have No traffic, nobody visits your site and funneling
with goal conversions is out of the question because there are no users to funnel.

SEO is one of the best ways to create targeted traffic for your website. Keep in mind there are countless
ways to generate internet traffic, but often times the visitors have no value to your company,
considering they are not targeted. These users rarely convert to customers, as they are normally not
even looking for your services or products.

With MR SEO, your websites will attract visitors who are searching for specific keyword phrases and
want to see the content provided. Target traffic means – getting people to view your website that are
specifically looking to see the content therein.

A website should be built and structured to turn traffic into money. In relation to the business world,
exposure is a must and since there are millions of people online, targeted exposure needs to be the front
runner. Think of your website as a huge billboard off of I-10, many in your area will see it, and those
interested will eventually use your service as they pass by it daily.

The benefits in optimizing your website will not be immediate. This is a process that may take a few to
several months for your site to rank well in the major search engines. Proper marketing, ‘white hat’
SEO tasks need to be maintained and frequently implemented, as Search Engine Algorithms often
change on a daily basis. Securing a high ranking position in Google for instance, is not permanent.

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